The New Release and the Future of Tracklr

posted on May 19, 2009

The new release of Tracklr went live on Sunday May 10th, 2009. We have announced it over at Twitter.

Let's have a brief look at what the new release brings to our users and discuss the near future of our product.

We have spent huge amount of time since November last year to apply many requested changes to the design, user interface and the general look and feel of the website.

I need to clarify what does it mean when we say huge amount of changes. It does not mean you are looking at the brand new Tracklr that is completely different to its previous version. Tracklr stays untouched in its core and always will provide its users the same core feature set that was initially crafted back in 2007. We are not fans of drastic changes that completely change user's experience. We believe in our philosophy that drives us to provide you with an easy to use real-time time tracking experience.

Apart from what you can see right now here at, we have done a lot of work on commercial parts of Tracklr that are still hidden under the hoods and are now ready for private beta testing phase.

The testing of the commercial version of Tracklr starts this week. Couple of selected small businesses are given access to the brand new functionality for testing.

In the near future you can expect another major release that will enable the commercial part of Tracklr and allow any small business to trial and evaluate our product.

Some of the new commercial features are:

  • REST API - read and write API with OAuth authentication
  • Invoicing - Integration with 3rd party invoicing applications
  • Project Management - Integration with 3rd party project management applications

Please get in touch with us if you are user of Tracklr and you would like to participate in the private beta testing phase.

Couple of words on state of blogging here at Tracklr. To be honest, there wasn't much to write about in the last six month due to our heavy focus on the development of our commercial product. However, this will change now during the beta testing phase. You can expect information about new features, updates, and other general information as well as notes from our "lab" that will provide useful information to any web developers interested in further integration with Tracklr.

Stay tuned for more real-time time tracking goodness,
Marek and the tracklr team

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