Announcing Tracklr

posted on October 1, 2008

We are happy to announce Tracklr - lightweight time tracker service.

This is the first public release of the service. We consider this release, a "beta" release.

Tracklr allows individuals ( sole traders, one-man-show companies, individual contractors, web workers, lawyers, etc. ) to set up a company and then add their clients, projects and tasks and track time spent on those accurately.

Try it yourself, it's easy!

Start using Tracklr in three simple steps.

  1. Let yourself in.
  2. Set things up.
  3. Start tracking your time.

Here is how to do the previous in detail.

Read our Terms of Service and if you agree with them let youself in by providing either your email address or your OpenID.

If you use an email address, an authentication code will be delivered to that address. You may want to add to your email contacts to make sure emails from us are delivered to your account.

Once in, you can update your profile information, add your company, client(s), project(s) and task(s).

You're done! You can start tracking your time spent on your tasks.

Tracklr provides you with easy reports so you know exactly what you have done at any time.

Enjoy our service!

Tracklr team

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